In this article:

- Store best-sellers

- Recently viewed & featured recommendations

- Who bought this also bought

- Cart recommendations

- Handpicked products just for you

Product Recommendation is a new feature of Boost Upsell. It supports forming the site scope personalized cross-sell and up-sell suggestions below the product page to encourage conversions and increase cart value by automated recommendation based on product views, sales, browsing data gathered from your business.

Let’s take a closer look at how the feature operates:

1. Store best-sellers

This recommends the most preferable products in your store by collecting your sales statistic.

It is easy to set up how your widgets look like in the Widgets tab by going to App's dashboard >> Product Recommendation >> Store bestsellers >> Customize

  • Design the whole widget to match your store theme including: 

    • The widget layout

    • The font, color, text title and style of Header, Product name, Product price and Call to action text button.

  • Easily choose the number of products to show in a row.

  • Choose the maximum number of products per slide.

  • Choose to place the widget's position on Homepage, Category, Product and Cart page.

2. Recently viewed and featured recommendations

The products that customers have just viewed are displayed on this widget. Moreover, it also recommends products based on those items.

The approach it suggests products is to carry out analysis common characteristics of human such as demographics, location, persona and psychology and then, divide people into groups or user types. Next, it makes assumptions about groups and guesses what each group's target products are. Eventually, the feature selects targeted items to each group.

Go to App's dashboard >> Product Recommendation >> Recently viewed and featured recommendations >> Customize to start trying out this feature.

3. Who bought this also bought

This widget shows and proposes the most proper products on the product page when your customers attempt to access this item site, which is quite similar to up-sell feature.

You can totally manage the look of the widget on your store by going to App's dashboard >> Product Recommendation >> Who bought this also bought >> Customize.

Note: This widget displays on product page only.

4. Cart recommendations

The items which your customers are most likely to purchase are shown on this widget. The app can understand and get customers' tastes and preferences according to their behavioral set and how they have browsed and what they added to cart.

This widget's layout, design, and position can be configured in the following steps: App's dashboard >> Product Recommendation >> Cart recommendations >> Customize. 

5. Handpicked products just for you

This feature is totally for you if you have already had set of products which you want to display and propose in your mind. Automated recommendations may save your time but no one can understand your products better than yourself. Therefore, we design this feature to allow you to bring the best choices for your customer.

You are able to freely opt for the products which should be suggested. To make it work, please refer to following instruction:

Go to the Widget tab >> Handpicked products just for you >> Customize >> Create new handpicked products.

  • Step 1: Choose the product page(s) which you desire your widget to display. Either all products or some specific products/collections can be selected. 

  • Step 2: Click Select products to start forming your customized list of products. You can manually add as many products as you want.

Why don't you get started right now to start creating cross-sell offers and winning sales for your business?