You can manage your private products (requested products from warehouse) in Private products page. 

On this page, the products will display from the newest to the oldest; there will be at most 20 products showing on one page and you can search by product names. 

If a private product has not been imported to your store yet, you will see an Add to Import list button under its details. Click this button to import and edit the product in your store as normal.

When a private product is moved to Import list, the Add to import list button will be updated to Edit on import list button. Note that cost of each variant in Import list is the unit price that merchant purchased the last time. 

When a private product is already in the Import list, you can click the Edit on Import list and will be directed to edit on Import list as normal. 

After Import to Store is clicked, the Edit on Import list button on Private products tab will be updated back to Add to Import list and the product can be added to Import list again. 

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Boostflow team.