Dropshippers have to face with a lot of headachy problems such as low-quality products, bad packing or long shipping time. As a result, these lead to high dispute rate, bad reviews, low customer retention rate, and worse, suspended account or bankrupt.

Warehouse is created aiming at helping dropshippers worldwide to source a variety of products with fewer out-of-stock and price-change surprises and providing fast and reliable delivery via Shopbase China, a third-party vendor that fulfills orders for merchants who do not possess warehouse and distribution facilities. This helps reduce infrastructure and logistical costs as well as improve the operational efficiency. 

What can you use this feature for?

  • Find products faster: If you need help finding your desired products, simply send us a request and we’ll source it for you. The special thing here is, that product will be private and only you can see and edit it. 
  • Fulfill orders quicker: Merchants can make purchase based on the minimum order quantity. Orders will be automatically synced to and handled by ShopBase China.
  • Ship faster: We commit to use premium express shipping that deliver within 6-8 days, fully tracked and reliable.

Need help with the app? Feel free to shoot an email or submit a ticket, our support agents will be right back.

Boostflow team.