Please refer to this article when you calculate the total cost of a product and set reasonable prices for your items.

After completing a design, you will be informed about how much it costs to print the product, but will not include the shipping fee or tax fee.

In this article

1. Pricing Definition

2.  Total Cost calculation

1. Pricing Definitions

  • Catalog price: the product base price, which includes the printing cost of 1-side artwork (front or back).

  • Product cost: cost shown in Pricing is the final product cost which has included printing cost of all artworks, not including shipping cost and tax. If your product has only 1 artwork, product cost will be equal to the catalog price.

  • Total cost: Cost shown in My Orders includes all costs you need to pay for the suppliers: product cost, tax and shipping fee.

2. Total cost calculation:

Total price = Product price + Tax + Shipping fee

  • Product price: 
    • 1-side artwork: equal to catalog price
    • 2-side artwork: catalog price + $5
  • Tax: will be counted based on the tax rate of your customer's location.
  • Shipping fee: based on customer's location:

Primary productAdditional products
Sweatshirt/Hoodie/selected products with big size (from XXXL)+ Inside US: $6.99
+ Outside US: $8.99

Other products+ Inside US: $4.99
+ Outside US: $ 8.99

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