Syncing tracking numbers directly from Dropship Connector to Paypal would be a perfect solution for order with PayPal payment, which can also protect dropshipping merchants from disputes like Unauthorized Transaction or Item Not Received.

You can follow this walk-through to automatically add tracking information from Dropship Connector to PayPal. 

Step 1: Creating a Transaction reader app on PayPal: 

Sign in your PayPal account that's linked to your store via PayPal developer and click Create app button. 

Then, fill in App name and Sandbox developer account

After that, choose tab Live and copy Client ID and Secret ID to enter in Dropship Connector later.

In LIVE APP SETTINGS section, check Transaction Search option, uncheck all other options then click Save

Step 2: Setting up in Dropship Connector:

Sign in your Boostflow account and select Dropship Connector app. 

Open Settings tab and choose Advanced settings, turn on option Paypal tracking info autopilot and enter the Client ID and Secret ID from Step 1

When all is done, remember to click Save and you'll be good to go! 

Need help with the app? Feel free to shoot an email or submit a ticket, our Support agents will be right back.

Boostflow team.