On the My Order page, you will be able to manage all your orders with Print Hub products.


What are those statuses mean?

  • Pending: Orders that have not been paid by customers.
  • Awaiting Order: Orders that have been paid by customers.
  • Awaiting Shipment: Orders that have been paid automatically with your credit card but not shipped out. 
  • Fulfilled: Orders that have been shipped out with the tracking numbers. The tracking number will be updated and orders will be fulfilled automatically. 
  • Canceled: Order that is (partially) canceled or refunded within 24 since it was paid by the customers will be moved to this tab.
  • On hold: Orders that you need to review or double-check before processing will be shown here. This action need to be done within 24 hours since your customers paid for the product.
  • Failed: Orders meeting errors or restrictions will be shown here.
    Don't hesitate to contact us anytime you need more support!

         Boostflow team.