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- How does Print Hub work? Why do we need this app?

- Introducing all features.

- Getting started with the app.

How does Print Hub work? Why do we need this app?

Print Hub will help the Print On Demand (POD) sellers to quickly customize and create products, import them to storefront and fulfill orders automatically. Therefore, it will be easier to manage the business by yourself.

Why do we need the app? Our team understand the fact that POD sellers spend a lot of time on creating their winning design then receiving thousands of orders each day and manually fulfilling all of them. Also, it may be difficult to find suppliers that provide good printing quality, reasonable price and optimal shipping time. The app was built with the goal that it can save the time for the sellers and still bring them the best result.

Introducing all features.

- Sync all Print Hub products and orders from store to app

The app will be connected to your store immediately after being installed. Products can be designed on the app and import to your store easily. 

- Create new products and import to the store.

You can create your artworks easily with desired design, customize the information and instantly add those products to your online store.

- Handle automatically the fulfillment of all your Print Hub orders and update daily.

If your customers purchase for the products that were designed on Print Hub, those orders will be synced into the app and you can handle the fulfillment within this app.

- Partner with one of the best suppliers in the printing industry.

Understanding that find suppliers that provide good printing quality is not easy at all, we found and have been working with one of the best suppliers in this industry to save your time.

Get started with Print Hub now and connect to our Support team whenever you need!