One of the problems dropshippers have to face is dealing with failed orders. This article will provide some of the most common reasons why your orders have failed. 

First, let's see what happens after you place an order on Dropship Connector: 

  • Orders are placed on Dropship Connector
  • Orders are paid on AliExpress
  • AliExpress generates a tracking number for the order
  • Dropship Connector gets the tracking number from AliExpress
  • The tracking number is automatically sent to Shopify by Dropship Connector
  • Dropship Connector automatically fulfills the order
  • Dropship Connector automatically triggers Shopify confirmation email
  • A fulfillment email is sent to your customer

Although most of this process is done automatically, many steps are involved, leading to some errors. Below are some of the reasons why your orders have failed:

  • The supplier changed some SKU info or the product SKU is not found. To fix this, click Mapping products and map variants again. 
  • The item you ordered is out-of-stock or no longer available on AliExpress. 
  • Your order cannot be shipped to the selected address due to weight/size issue. You will need to change your shipment method or supplier. 
  • Your link to AliExpress has expired. In this case, re-link your Dropship Connector account to AliExpress.
  • No shipping method has been selected. 
  • The product you ordered is under particular regulation on AliExpress. 
    Don't hesitate to contact us anytime you need more support!

    Boostflow team.