1. How does Sales Motivator work and display?

Sales Motivator allows you to maximize the spending limit of your customers by creating a special offer with specific conditions e.g cart value goal and/or specific product purchase. If conditions are met, your customers will be rewarded with your special offer. Thus, giving you and your customer a win-win situation.

A progress bar will show up along with Last-step upsell popup to notify customers how close they are in getting the offer:

When they add more products and meet the threshold, a notification will show to let them know that the discounts will be applied on the checkout page.

Note: Once it is activated, Sales Motivator will be applied not only onto your upsell or cross sell offers but also to all of your products. When your customer meets the condition that you have set, the discount will be applied on the checkout page.

2. How to set up Sales Motivator feature

The Sales Motivator setting can be found in the Last-step upsell offer: 

Step 1: Set up a Discount

Step 2: Set the goal

The goal has to be greater $0 so that this feature can function properly.

Note: The goal amount should not include customer cart's value.