By default, the codes will be removed upon uninstalling the app however in some cases, codes that were automatically injected during the app installation by the Assets API may remain and does not affect the store performance. 

To remove the liquid codes, please refer to the step by step guide below:

1: Removing Boostflow code block from layout.liquid or theme.liquid file: 

<!-- BOOSTFLOWSCRIPT CODE START -->{% include 'bf-tracking' %}<!-- BOOSTFLOWSCRIPT CODE END -->

To remove this block, please go to your Shopify store admin >> Themes >> Actions >> Edit code. Find theme.liquid or theme.liquid file >> search the code block and remove it.

Theme file

2: Removing bf-tracking.liquid (optional)

Search for bf-tracking.liquid on that Edit code window and delete the file.

tracking file

And you are done! However, this instruction is useful only if you have removed all Boostflow apps. If you still have other Boostflow app on your store, removing these codes will affect that app's performance.

Should you need further assistance in removing the codes, please don't hesitate to shoot us an email at We are here to help!