In this article:

- How does Last-step Upsell offer work?

- How to create a last-step upsell offer?

1. How does Last-step Upsell offer work?

You may maximize your customers' spending limit and increase shopping cart value using Last-step upsell offer.

Last-step Upsell offer is quite similar with Add-to-cart up-sell offer and it is triggered when customers click Checkout button at Cart page. The idea is to up-sell at point-of-sale. A last-step upsell offer will show up like this:

last step upsell

2. How to create a last-step up-sell offer?

Please click on the Upsell tab and you will find the Last-step Upsell offer and click on 'Create Offer' to get started.  

Last step upsell

Step 1: Create Offer's Name and Offer's Message


  • You can type in or leave the offer's name blank. We will automatically generate the offer name for you
  • Create offer's message that will make your customers tempt to add more items to their cart

Offer's name

Step 2: Set up Cart condition

Multiple conditions can be set for your offer based on cart value or items

Step 3: Pick up your up-sell products and set up discount 

  • Specific Products or Collections can be selected to upsell 

Note: Please type in the product name when searching to get the precise result as the drop-down only shows the limited number of items.

  • Tick the box option "Offer discount by product" if in case you want to give out a discount to encourage your customer to add more items

Here's an example of a discounted upsell product that has been set in Last-step Upsell offer:

Step 4: Sales Motivator (optional)

Sales Motivator allows you to maximize the spending limit of your customers by creating a special offer with specific conditions e.g cart value goal and/or specific product purchase. If conditions are met, your customers will be rewarded with your special offer. Thus, giving you and your customer a win-win situation.

When Sales Motivator is enabled, a progress bar will present along with Last-step upsell popup to encourage people to add your up-sell items from your last-step offer.

Here is how it looks like:

Sales Motivator

It's easy to set up with 2 steps:

  • Set a specific discount amount
  • Set the extra amount that customers need to add from your last-step offer to get your discount

Note: The goal amount should be greater than $0 and should not include customer cart's value.