Thanks for your interest in Boost Upsell - a powerful tool for any online store that wants to earn more sales by increasing the average cart value. Let's take a look at the app's features and functions.

How Boost Upsell works?

Boost Upsell is an app that allows you to pitch additional products to get your customers to buy more or acquire more enhanced product. It is imperative to have upsell/cross sell offers on your site as it can help you to increase your profit specially when your customers are on Shopping spree or in a buying mode. 

Why we need this app?

Online store owners are widely using Upselling technique to encourage their visitors adding more and more products on a purchase. Moreover, it can be seen that upselling to existing customers costs less than acquiring new ones.  Therefore, adding upselling/cross-selling offers to the store becomes an easy and helpful method for any retailers.

This app will help you create those offers with very simple steps and detailed instructions. Besides, forthcoming features will include Product Recommendation feature that shows more recommended Items on the embedded slides on site.

Introducing all features.

Boost Upsell app has 3 types of Upsell:  Add-to-cart upsell, Last-step upsell, Smart upsell.

Add-to-cart upsell offer will pop up after when customer had clicked the add to cart button and encourage your customer to spend more by suggesting a better item or an add-on that best paired with the target product

Example:  A lovely red dress to wear that can be perfectly match with a sophisticated necklace, a glittering diamond ring or recommend a better item that is more expensive than the target product.

Last-step upsell  will definitely give your customer more options to choose and exciting shopping experience! This offer will pop up when customer clicks on the Checkout button and entice them to add more products before they checkout.

Got no time to create custom upsell? Let Smart Upsell do the work for you! Simply go to Smart Upsell tab and toggle the button to turn it on. And presto! You're done. The Smart Upsell offer will automatically create upsell offers to all of your products.

Smart Upsell

Boost Upsell is very easy to set up and more interesting features are soon to be published in the near future. Boost your cart value now with the app and contact us anytime you need.