By default, the Boost Convert app will show in English. However, in case you want it to show on another language, you can totally translate it by changing all fixed texts within the settings. Below is the list of setting sections that you should check while trying to translate the app.

- Translate Social proof:

To translate the Popup notification of Social Proof, please go to each type's setting section and change all these highlighted texts as you want:

Sales Notification

Checkout Notifications

Signup Notification

- Translate Countdown Tools

+ Timer Countdown Translation:

Step 1:

Timer Countdown

Step 2: Translate the messages of each Timer:

Timer Translation

+ Product Countdown Translation:

Please visit Product Countdown tab >> choose Settings button under the "Stock urgency on product page" and change the texts. Note: {{stock_number}} is a variant, therefore please do not customize this variant.

Product Countdown 

Above are all the texts that you can change in order to translate the Boost Convert app. Convert more customers right now with Boost Convert!

Don't hesitate to contact us anytime you need more support.

Boostflow team.