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- Introduction to Countdown Tools

- How to set up the feature

What is Countdown Tools?

While Social Proof feature makes your site look busy and improves your credibility, Countdown Tools will create the urgency and scarcity by the countdown timer and inventory bar, in order to motivate your visitors to add to cart on time. This feature runs on your Product pages and collection pages. 

Countdown tools

Click here to see these widgets on Demo product page.

How to set up the Countdown Tools?

There are two types of widget: Timer countdown and Product countdown. 

By default, these widgets will show on all your product pages. With each widget, you will be able to customize how it works. Below are some advanced settings that you may want to note:

+ Repeat countdown timer after it ends: by choosing this option, whenever the clock run out, it will automatically repeat. The start of the timer will base on customers' first visit time. If you do not choose this option, the Timer will start count down when you Save the setting. After the clock runs out, it will disappear on your store.

+ Timer types: there are two types: fixed timers (so all product pages will have the same clock) and different timers ( you can set different timers for different products).

+ Timer on product list (Timer label): a additional timer that shows on collection pages, home page.

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