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- Introduction to Social Proof

- How to set up the feature

What is Social Proof? Why we need the feature?

Showing "proof" about other recent sales has been proven as a simple and effective way to improve your credibility and help your customers get the buying decision faster. Just a small popup appearing on the corner of your screen plays an important role in your sales and is worth a free try. 

Understanding this need, we built Social Proof as a tool that shows your recent sales directly on your store. You only have to set it up beforehand, and it will work itself when your orders come in.


Visit the Demo page to see the notifications showing up.

How to set up the feature?

Social Proof contains 3 types of notifications: Sales Notification, Checkout Notification and Signup Notification. This app will detect your real orders and automatically generate them into the notifications with Name, Products and Address information. 

Checkout Notifications

Sign-up Notifications

After being installed, the app will need 5-60 minutes to sync your data. Kindly spend a few minutes to check all default settings and adjust it so the app can work perfectly as your scenario. 

Beside the explanation for each type of notifications that appear under the Pop types tab, you might want to take a look at the Settings tab:

- Display notifications in random order: If you untick this option, your notifications will appear from the newest to the oldest.

- Randomize delay time between notifications: if you choose this option, the delay time between notifications will be randomize every time.

- Repeat sales notifications when there are no new orders synced: if you do not choose this option, once all notifications that you have have shown, the app will stop showing them again on that shopping time.

- Only display synced orders that created within the last (... days/hours/minutes): for example, if you set this setting with 3 days, the app will only sync your orders within the last 3 days. The orders that placed 4 days ago will not be shown anymore. The maximum you can set for this setting is 60 days. The app will not sync any old order from more than 2 months ago.

Don't hesitate to contact us anytime you need more support.

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