Welcome to Boost Convert - a solution for any e-commerce store to improve the conversion rate. This article will give you an overview about the app by Boostflow and all its features.

What Boost Convert does?

Boost Convert app supports adding urgency, social proof and checkout offers into your store, in order to improve your conversion rate. 

Visit our Demo store here to see how the app works on a real site.


Why we need this app?

Creating the Urgency and Scarcity for sales has been proven as an efficient method for your conversion rate, since it encourages the visitors to finish the orders as before the products are out of stock. It is related to the customer psychology, especially the Fear of Missing out definition.

Another effective way to improve the conversion rate is to show the Social Proof, for example, the recent sales on your store, to create a busy store and build trust with your visitors.

All these above methods are available on Boost Convert, and the app can also show offers on the cart page to encourage them to checkout.

Introducing all features

Currently, the app has two main features: Social Proof and Countdown Tools.

- Social Proof: Add a social proof popup to make the site looks busy and make the products stand out on Home pages and Collection pages. Below is an example:


Read more about this feature here: How to use Social Proof feature by Boost Convert?

- Countdown Tools: Motivate customers to click “add to cart” on Product pages by adding product countdown & timer countdown in product page.

Demo Countdown Tools

Read more about the feature here: How to use Countdown Tools feature by Boost Convert?

Boost Convert is a free tool that is very easy to set up. Boost your sale with Boost Convert now and feel free to contact us anytime you need.

Boostflow team.